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Our company was established in 1956 in Ivrea, near Turin, a city bordering on the Valle d’Aosta region, the capital of the Canavese area in the Piedmont region. ICAS was the ambitious idea of Bruno Getto: in order to meet the specific requests of the first Italian sparkling wine producers, he created and developed a high-precision automatic machine to industrialize the production of wirehoods, which had been made by hand so far. Over the years and owing to the technologies used and constant market growth, ICAS became the first world-leading producer of wirehoods with a widespread distribution network throughout the country, in Europe and across the world. Sole distributors, in fact, operate internationally: from Brazil to New Zealand, from Australia to the United States and South Africa. 70% of its total production is sold in foreign markets, fulfilling the demands of a varied clientele, in particular, of the company’s main commercial partner, France. Such a widespread success testifies to the quality and exclusiveness of ICAS products.


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ICAS has always been a customer-oriented company. Our goal is to provide customers with products and services of the highest quality. Based on a mutually cooperative relationship with suppliers, our entire production chain is at the customer’s service. Constant investments in R&D, in addition to the use of state-of-the-art machinery and skilled labor, allow us to offer a highly-diversified and technologically-advanced range of products. 12 registered patents are the result of our hard work and dedication.
Our history, based on values rather than mere economic interests, is the result of fruitful local relationships and collaborations, which have brought added value to our company and, year after year, growing success on the market. A team of 105 employees- including engineers, administrative and sales staff and quality control managers- is at the core of our achievements and represents the company’s real surplus value.
An ever-growing business, with an eye toward tradition and another toward innovation, which has become a world-leading company in its field over the years.